Data Visualization – Skype Training | Data Science Academy (past event)

location Praha 4. 11. 2019, 13:00

Move your data visual interpretation skills to a higher level

Using the combination of individual and teamwork, you will learn the theoretical processes important in the preparation of dashboards and gain advanced knowledge of working with Tableau Desktop.

You will experience the entire process of creating an effective data visualisation from the definition of a business task, design sketching and defining data sources to making prototypes and implementation.

We recommend working with a real dashboard in the course whether it be a dashboard that has been developed for some time and needs redesign or is in the phase of an idea (we will agree on the definition of the dashboard together during the first and second training lessons). If you do not select a real project, we will prepare a training challenge.

The training will take place via Skype and will be held in English.

Your experience:

  • Self-training before the course and the initial test of Tableau basic skills.
  • Introduction to data visualisation, visual perception logics and its application in data visualisation
  • Theoretical and practical basics of visual literacy
  • Redesign of real visualisation
  • Learning various types of data visualisation by nature and purpose
  • Defining user types and user stories
  • Sketching and creating wireframes
  • Colleting feedback
  • Defining and preparing data sources for visualisation purposes
  • Solution prototyping
  • Steps important to the implementation
  • Examples of interesting data visualisations
  • A number of voluntary homework tasks to train new skills

Your takeaways

  • You will understand the real benefit of a quality data visualisation.
  • You will experience processes important for creating effective and useful dashboards.
  • You will learn (and experience) typical problems and how to prevent or solve them


Eliška Valterová, Advanced Analytics Deloitte
Leading expert on data visualisation, dashboard creation and business intelligence. She has more than six years of experience in e-commerce, marketing and finance projects.

Date and time: 4 November – 27 November 2019, from 13:00 pm to 15:30 pm, 6 lessons (the first 4 lessons will be held on Monday and Wednesday and the last 2 lessons will be once a week on Wednesday)
Venue: Skype – The Skype training link will be sent to participants one week before the training
Participation fee: EUR 1000 + 21% VAT, ie EUR 1210 incl. VAT

This course is a part of Data Science Academy.