Data Story Telling

location Praha 16. 7. 2020, 9:00
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Move reporting to a higher level

“How to make a company love and finally use data through data visualisation”

Thanks to the combination of theoretical explanation and real practical examples, you will learn the entire process of effective data visualisation creation, from business task definition, sketching design and data source definition to making prototypes and implementation.

In the course, you will learn what knowledge and skills are key and what internal staff needs to be trained or found.

We will introduce the most commonly used tools and give you advice in selecting them.

Your experience:

  • Learning various types of data visualisation by nature and purpose
  • Data visualisation process
    • Defining person and user stories
    • Sketching and creating wireframes
    • Prototyping a solution
  • What skills and knowledge is needed
  • How to approach the selection of appropriate tools
  • Steps needed for the implementation
  • Real examples from practice

Your takeaways:

  • You will understand the real benefit of a quality data visualisation.
  • You will learn the processes that are crucial for the creation of effective and useful dashboards and understand what individuals should be trained/found.
  • You will learn what tools are available and how to approach their selection.


Eliška Valterová, Advanced Analytics Deloitte
Leading expert on data visualisation, dashboard creation and business intelligence. She has more than six years of experience in e-commerce, marketing and finance projects.

Date: 16 July 2020, 9 am – 5 pm
Venue: Deloitte, Churchill I, Italská 2581/67, Praha 2
Participation fee: CZK 7,500 + 21% VAT, ie CZK 9,075 incl. VAT

This course is a part of Data Science Academy.