Design Thinking (past event)

location Praha 11. 6. 2020, 9:00

Fast and Effective Method of Solving Problems and Challenges

Using an agile combination of individual and group work, you will actively learn how to embrace good ideas (and abandon the bad ones), how to face challenges and solve problems differently from what it is traditionally expected. You will experience the whole, comprehensive Design Thinking process at a very fast pace – problem mapping, creation of the solution and its verification. Where others spend hours and hours discussing and pondering how to decide, you will be able to work agilely and efficiently, and come up with several possible solutions, unexpected perspectives and supporting evidence for making qualified decisions. You will realise that rather than being a complicated methodology for a few selected individuals, Design Thinking is an approach suitable for everyone. It is an approach that can bring real value immediately, without having to spend a lot of time and money.

In our workshop, we will also address typical problems related to data science projects.

You will learn:

  • How to identify an area / topic with a good potential for a pilot project.
  • How to choose the best solution among numerous possible solutions.
  • How to evaluate the project and decide about its (non)-continuation.

You will experience

  • Pre-work prior to Design Thinking problem solution / opportunities (individual preparation prior to the workshop as such)
  • Philosophical and theoretical basis of the Design Thinking Approach
  • Work with contexts in the domain of the problem / opportunities
  • Getting to know and understanding customers using e.g. the Jobs To Be Done methodology
  • Defining design challenge using the How Might We process
  • Working with inspiration
  • Iterative process of creating possible solutions
  • Decision-making process combining the best individual ideas in the team solution
  • Prototyping using several tools
  • Fast validation of the solution
  • Iterative development of the solution

You will learn

  • You will understand what the real value of the Design Thinking approach is – you will learn how the combination of understanding customers and the solution-oriented approach helps you come up agilely and quickly with a solution to the given problem or opportunity. You can utilise the knowledge and skills that you gain in our workshop in your professional as well as personal life.
  • You will encounter (and learn) various ways of accomplishing fast results using cooperative and agile team work that go beyond traditional expectations.


Jirka Vávra, Strategic Design Lead | Deloitte Next
Jirka is a specialised consultant focusing on innovation. The methods he uses in facilitation include design sprint, agile, design thinking, 10 types of innovation and lean in combination with coaching and therapeutic principles. The aim of his work is to help teams, companies and corporations build business or innovate internal strategies and mechanisms. He has more than 10 years of experience in media and marketing. He has led several creative teams for prominent Czech brands (Nivea, Škoda, Auto, Staropramen).

Date: 11 June 2020, 9 am – 5 pm
Venue: Deloitte, Churchill I, Italská 2581/67, Praha 2
Participation fee: 7 500 CZK + 21 % VAT, 9 075,00 incl. VAT

This course is a part of Data Science Academy.