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Data-driven HR

What kind of employees do we need and which ones should we hire so that they stay in our firm? What kind of employees leave our firm most often and why? Join our workshop and find the answers with the help of HR analytics.


Data Storytelling

Not a data analyst but you sometimes have to create and present charts? Would you like to improve your skills in that? Are you not satisfied with the data outputs you get and you want to change it? Then attend our course and upgrade your work!


NLP Primer

What is Natural Language Processing (NLP), and why is it becoming increasingly popular?


Power BI Accelerator

Get a comprehensive A to Z overview of Power BI and prepare yourself for the role of an advanced data analyst!


Design Thinking

How to embrace good ideas and get rid of the bad ones? How to face challenges and solve problems in an unconventional way? Join our course and experience the whole Design Thinking process.


Data Science - Intermediate

Do you have an analytical mindset? Are you already using data at work as part of an SQL database, Excel or Tableau? Would you like to move on and start working on more complex projects?