Modern enterprise PKI migration and management (akce již proběhla)

location Online 21. 1. 2020, 16:00
  • Have you ever felt that your network has outgrown your PKI?
  • Do you feel the need to migrate to an all-rounded PKI and certificate management solution that can help you operate your infrastructure effectively and securely?

In this webinar, you'll learn how you can migrate from your existing PKI vendor to a new one, consolidate it, and automate the certificate management process from the ground up.

Often, CA solutions are built in a hurry – haphazard, and without proper design or structure. Microsoft's CA is one such example that is still used by several organizations, since it is integrated with the Microsoft infrastructure. However, many users of the Microsoft CA often get stuck and realize the need for a well-planned enterprise PKI.

Why? Because poor PKI structure and management result in no room for organizational changes, operational changes, new business opportunities, and upward scaling. Hence, when an organization wishes to migrate to a different PKI, they have to ensure that their current solution enabled by existing certificate services continues to work with limited interruptions. The migration project must manage existing interfaces and integrations with external systems, and also ensure that the robustness of the infrastructure is maintained, or even improved.

Deloitte has vast experience with PKI migration projects. Join us in this webinar to see us demonstrate how you can easily migrate from the Microsoft CA to PrimeKey's EJBCA Enterprise PKI software, via AppViewX's end-to-end certificate management solution.

During the webinar, we will walk you through the migration process, while providing a detailed explanation of each step, and its purpose.

It will be broadcasted on the 21st January 2020 at 4PM CET/ 3PM GMT, and will be conducted in English. We look forward to seeing you with us!

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The event is not intended for advisors and employees of companies engaged in advisory services. Deloitte reserves the right to create the list of participants.