Home office in quarantine and other questions (akce již proběhla)

location Online 8. 4. 2020, 10:00

In regard to the current situation and the introduction of safety measures against the spreading epidemic, there are certainly many questions that come to mind. For instance, how soon should home office be introduced? What to pay attention to when doing so? How to deal with the quarantine? We prepared for you answers and instructions from the perspective of labour law and income tax. 


  • What is a quarantine? What are the rights and obligations of the employer and the employee?
  • What amount will the employee receive when in quarantine, home office or in the case of work cancellation due to the emergency measures etc.? Who will pay the amount to the employee?
  • What measures should be introduced in the workplace?
  • How to introduce home office as quickly as possible? What is the necessary minimum and what can be dealt with later?
  • How to coordinate the employees in home office and how to set mutual communication?
  • What can employers instruct their employees to do? Is it in their power to order home office or vacation?
  • And what about business trips? Is an employee entitled to refuse them?
  • Can we compensate expenses created by travelling to work by a personal car to an employee who usually uses public transportation?
  • What reasons can employees have for their absence? And how should you respond?
  • What are or can be the prospective sanctions?

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Iva Bilinská, Attorney-at-Law, Deloitte Legal s.r.o.
Lucie Rolná, Senior Consultant, Deloitte Advisory s.r.o.