Members of supervisory boards and their responsibility for climate (akce již proběhla)

location Online 23. 9. 2021, 10:00

Climate regulations for companies in the EU - challenges and obligations for the non-executive

The world is facing an immense climate change challenge. Governments are implementing policies aimed at ensuring economic transformation towards low- and zero-emission. Yet, to make those changes efficient and prevalent, it is crucial to involve the business world. Nowadays, getting the companies ready for climate change-related challenges should be one of fundamental activities of regulatory bodies and company supervisory boards.

We would like to invite you to take part in a webinar during which your will learn, among others, about:

  • the impact of climate changes on the obligations of supervisory board members
  • changing regulations and duties of supervisory board members
  • examples of best practices and sources of knowledge about changes in the duties of non-executive directors - EBRD, Climate Governance Initiative WEF
  • case study - the operations of Chapter Zero Poland part of CGI in practice and its involved parties
  • other initiatives and actions impacting the activities of supervisory board members related to climate issues management

Our guests:

  • Irena Pichola, Partner, Leader of Sustainability Consulting Deloitte, CE
  • Lucyna Stańczak-Wuczyńska, Chairwomen of the Supervisory Board at BNP Paribas Bank Polska and a member of the Supervisory Board of Erste Bank Hungary.
  • Veselina Haralampieva, Senior Counsel at European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD)
  • Karina Litvack, Non-Executive Director Eni s.p.a., Board Director Climate Governance Initiative & Chapter Zero UK
  • Tomasz Gasiński, Director, Sustainability Consulting, Deloitte CE

Who should attend?

  • The existing and future members of company supervisory and management boards
  • All those who would like to learn more about the growing demand for reporting climate-related information by members of management boards.

If you happen to know persons who might be interested in the topics we are to address during the webinar, please share a link to the registration website with them.

An access link will be sent to you before the beginning of the webcast.

The event is not intended for advisors and employees of companies engaged in advisory services. Deloitte reserves the right to create the list of participants.