CFO Platform: Innovations Driven by Modern Technology and Their Impact on Work Beyond Finance (akce již proběhla)

location Online 25. 1. 2024, 14:00
  • Did you know the use of modern technological tools can increase efficiency by up to double?
  • How can innovations driven by new technology impact finance department employees, and how can we prepare them for the coming changes?
  • Do you know that recent HR trends predict the end of jobs? What impact will this have on finance departments?
  • Will the investment in AI return?

We would like to invite you to our regular event, CFO Platform. This time, we will focus on the current topic: Innovations Driven by Modern Technology and Their Impact on Work Beyond Finance. The CFO Platform event will be held online 25 January 2024 at 2 PM. The event will be a panel discussion lasting 90 minutes.

The panel discussion will host Thilo Kusch, CFO, P3 Logistic Parks, and Václav Jirků, Partner, Penta Investments, who will share their experience with you.


  • What are the most recent HR management trends and what should CFOs focus on;
  • How to prepare finance department employees for the increasing use of technology at work;
  • How can work using data and AI help reduce costs and apply innovations;
  • Practical experience of CFOs with the use of AI to reduce costs and increase efficiency;
  • Risks of using AI in business.


Thilo Kusch, CFO, P3 Logistic Parks
Václav Jirků, Partner, Penta Investments
Jan Hejtmánek, Director, Consulting, Deloitte Czech Republic
Zuzana Kostiviarová, Senior Manager, Consulting, Deloitte in Slovakia

Miloš Martončík, Partner, Deloitte in Slovakia

We will send you a link to the CFO Platform stream one day in advance. Registration is open until 24 January 2024, 3.00 PM.

The event is not intended for advisors and employees of companies engaged in advisory services. Deloitte reserves the right to create the list of participants.