Introduction to Design Thinking (akce již proběhla)

location Online 3. 9. 2021, 9:00

We have prepared a shortened version of our Design Thinking online course in which we present the basics of this methodology in just 2 hours in an interactive way. Are you interested in how to come up with good ideas and how to get rid of the bad ones? How to face challenges and deal with problems in an unusual way?
In this course, we offer you a sneak peek of Design Thinking so that you can find out why this approach to problem-solving has become so popular. You may end up preferring it too. If you wish to dive deep into this topic and inquire about particularities of individual steps of Design Thinking, there is a follow-up course to learn about the process in detail – from mapping the problem to creating the solution to consequent verification.

What can you expect and what will you learn?

  • Introduction to the Design Thinking philosophy;
  • Interactive presentation of the theory behind Design Thinking;
  • Overview of individual phases and Design Thinking principles;
  • Demonstration of methods and practical exercises;
  • Understanding the real value of the Design Thinking mindset – how to find a solution to a problem or a situation in an agile and prompt way by combining a solution-oriented approach and understanding of the clients’ needs;
  • Knowledge and abilities which you can use both in professional and personal life.


Jirka Vávra, Strategic Design Lead | Deloitte Next

Jirka is a specialised consultant who focuses on innovations. For facilitation, he uses methods such as Design Sprint, Agile, Design Thinking, 10 Types of Innovation and Lean Startup in combination with coaching and therapeutic principles, assisting teams, companies and holdings with growing their businesses and innovating internal strategies and mechanisms.
Jirka has more than 10 years of experience in marketing and media. He managed several creative teams for leading Czech companies (Nivea, Škoda Auto, Staropramen).

Michal Süttö, Strategic Innovation & Growth Lead | Deloitte NEXT
Michal assists organisations with finding and achieving new business growth opportunities. He specialises in defining innovation strategies, mapping market opportunities and creating new products and services focused on the end customer. In his projects, he combines traditional business strategy abilities with Thinking, Lean Startup and Growth Hacking methods.

Date and time:  3. 9. 2021, from 9 am to 12 am
Venue: Online
Registration fee: CZK 4 000 + 21% DPH, CZK 4 840,00 vč. DPH