Tableau Desktop – Calculations, Sets and Parameters (akce již proběhla)

location Praha 2. 12. 2021, 9:00

Master advanced features in Tableau

Should I use LOD or Table Calculation? Which one will be more helpful, a Parameter or a Set Action? With the help of practical exercises you encounter in the course, you will understand when it is appropriate to use which function.

What will you learn?

  • What types of calculations you can use (Basic Expressions, Table Calculations, LOD) and what they are useful for;
  • How to create these calculations, including best practices;
  • How to decide when to use which calculation;
  • What sets and parameters are used for;
  • How to create sets and parameters and change their values with the use of actions;
  • In practical exercises, you will encounter typical examples of their use.

What will it look like?

  • The course takes a total of 3 hours and can be completed online (via Microsoft Teams) or in-person (in Deloitte’s lecture room).
  • You will need to have Tableau Desktop installed on your computer to actively participate in the class.
  • We will customise the content and language of the training to the participants’ needs. If English-speaking participants are enrolled, the training will be conducted in English. Training materials are prepared in English only.
  • This course follows up on the Tableau Desktop – Basics course. We therefore recommend learning the basics in the scope of this course first.


Eliška Valterová, Data Visualisation Designer and Tableau Consultant
Eliška helps clients improve their decision-making processes by creating data visualisations for them and helping them learn the principles of data visualisation. Her work combines the understanding of business needs, visual analytics, data visualisation, UX and data storytelling. She has more than 10 years of experience in projects across industries (banking, telecommunications, automotive, e-commerce, marketing, etc.). In addition to working as a designer and consultant, she also leads several courses focused on data visualisation and Tableau.

Date and time: 2.12.2021, from 9 am to 12 pm
Venue: Deloitte, Churchill I, Italská 2581/67, Praha 2
Registration fee: CZK 3 500 + 21 % VAT, CZK 4 235 incl. VAT.