Leading SAFe® (SA) without a certification exam (akce již proběhla)

location Praha 23. 3. 2023, 9:00

Get familiar with the SAFe® methodical framework and learn how to use its principles during the implementation of agility in your company

Learn how to use agile principles during the coordination of several teams or even the entire portfolio of your firm’s transformation activities. Get prepared for passing the SAFe® Agilist (SA) certification exams, one of the most renowned agility exams in the world.


In the Leading SAFe® course, you will get to know all key concepts of the SAFe® methodical framework, which are based on Lean principles, system thinking, agile software development, product development and DevOps. You will also find out what a lean-agile mindset is and why it is so important for firms in the current market environment. You will also learn how to organize agile teams and programmes (the Agile Release Trains) around the value flow. You will get to know the basic principles of the customer-oriented approach and several design thinking techniques which help fulfil them. You will also get familiar with the key information about the recommended agile ceremonies at the agile programme level and try PI Planning yourself. Last but not least, we will explain to you the meaning of terms such as Continuous Delivery Pipeline, DevOps and Lean portfolio management, as well as the method for applying such procedures in your firm.

Training organisation:

The course will be led by a SAFe® Program Consultant (SPC) certified by Scaled Agile, Inc.
The course is interactive and combines official SAFe® training materials and practical exercises. The lecturer will share his/her experiences with the implementation of SAFe® principles in large firms operating in the Czech Republic with the participants.

Certification requirements:

The course is a preparation for taking the globally recognized SAFe® Agilist (SA) certification exam. This exam is not included in the course price.


Day 1 – 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

  • How to succeed in the digital era thanks to business agility
    • How to succeed in the digital era
    • SAFe® as the second firm management system in order to achieve business agility
    • Seven key competencies for achieving business agility
  • How to become a lean-agile leader
    • Lean-agile mindset
    • Scaling of lean and agile using SAFe® principles
  • Building team and technical agility
    • Forming cross-functional agile teams
    • Built-in quality
    • Organising Agile Release Trains around the value
  • Building solutions with agile product development
    • Customer orientation and design thinking

Day 2 – 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

  • Building team and technical agility
    • Prioritisation of programme backlog
    • PI Planning
    • Development with cadency, release on demand
    • Building the Continuous Delivery Pipeline with DevOps
  • Getting to know the Lean portfolio management
    • Definition of the SAFe® portfolio
    • Connecting the portfolio with firm strategy
    • Development of the portfolio vision
    • Fulfilment of the portfolio vision using Epics
    • Creating portfolio lean budgets and barriers
    • Ensuring the portfolio flow
  • Change management
    • Management through example
    • Change management
  • How to prepare for the certification exam

For whom is the course:

The course is intended for everyone who participates or wants to participate in agile transformation of the firm and the coordination of several agile teams, namely for:

  • Managers (senior and lower senior management), agile transformation leaders,
  • Portfolio Managers, PMO and Process Managers,
  • Programme Managers, Project Managers,
  • Scrum Masters, Product Owners and Product Managers,
  • Release Managers, Test Managers, Quality Managers,
  • Enterprise and system architects.

Entry requirements:

The course does not require any previous knowledge. For participants who want to take the subsequent SAFe® Agilist certification exam, we nevertheless recommend the following minimum experience:

  • 5 and more years of experience in software development, testing, business analysis, product development or project management,
  • Experience with Scrum methodology.


Milan Drbohlav, Senior Consultant, Agile Coach
Milan is a skilled professional with experience in agile organisation implementation and agile transformation from various industries including automotive and banking.

He has over seven years of experience implementing agile principles in large global companies, working on transformation from project to product management as well as scaling agile principles at both the programme and portfolio level.


Date and time: 23.2. – 24. 3. 2023, 2 days, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Venue: Deloitte, Churchill I, Italská 2581/67, Prague
Registration fee: CZK 25 000 + 21 % VAT, CZK 30 250 incl. VAT