Deloitte Banking Risk & Regulatory Academy V (akce již proběhla)

location Online 4. 12. 2023, 10:00

What is the risk & regulatory outlook for 2024? What are the supervisory priorities banks should be prepared for regarding credit risk management, ESG, and recovery and resolution planning? What’s the impact of Generative AI on banking regulation and risk profile? Join us at the Deloitte Banking Risk & Regulatory Academy and get your questions answered! 5 days - 5 webinars - 2000+ participants, we will explore all about risk & regulatory, led by our best subject matter experts. Book your place now!

This event is for You if you:

  • want to know the latest developments and the outlook of banking risk & regulatory,
  • want to learn about best practices and solutions from all around Europe and the global markets,
  • want to get practical advice on how to navigate in the more and more complex risk & regulatory environment.


Day 1 | 4-Dec 10:00-11:00 CET: Overview of the regulatory agenda and supervisory priorities

Join our panel for a review of the supervisory agenda, priorities and regulatory map for the European banking sector in 2024. Understand the supervisory trends and how those may affect the banks’ working schedule and business model strategy. 


  • Dimitrios Goranitis, Risk & Regulatory Leader – Deloitte Central Europe
  • David Strachan, Head of Deloitte’s EMEA Centre for Regulatory Strategy
  • Frederic Bujoc, Risk Advisory Partner – Deloitte France
  • Oriol Arnau, Risk Advisory Partner – Deloitte Spain
  • Stephan Thouet, Audit & Assurance Director – Deloitte Germany
  • Thomas Clifford, Financial Risk Management Leader – Deloitte Denmark

Day 2 | 5-Dec 10:00-11:00 CET: Credit risk: Are we going into a new cycle of evolutions?

Credit risk models have been stressed during the last years. The economic context, significant increase of interest rates and then a drastic change in banks’ financing conditions have made a serious impact on credit risk management framework, while regulators are showing an increasing interest on provisioning practices. Operationalizing ESG risk management brings another angle of challenges for banks. Are we starting a new cycle of evolutions, and what are the expected outcomes? Join this webinar to hear the thoughts of our international expert panel!


  • Herve Phaure, Credit Risk Partner – Deloitte France
  • Fabio Crepaldi, Risk Advisory Partner – Deloitte Italy
  • Ian Wilson, Financial Risk Measurement Leader – Deloitte UK
  • Przemyslaw Szczygielski, Financial Industry Leader – Deloitte Poland
  • Thomas Moosbrucker, Quantitative Services Partner – Deloitte Germany

Day 3 | 6-Dec 10:00-11:00 CET: Achieving the sustainability goals - the role of the Financial Sector

How can the Financial Sector contribute to accelerate the achievement of the sustainability goals? Where do we stand? What are the roadblocks? – During this webinar we will discuss the most pressing issues, regulatory requirements, and actionable items for the Financial Sector.


  • Hans-Jürgen Walter, Sustainable Finance Deloitte Global Leader
  • Emeric van Waes, Sustainable Finance Leader – Deloitte Netherlands
  • Krisztina S-Nagy, Regional Leader of FSI ESG - Deloitte Central Europe
  • Nicole Roettmer, Managing Director, Deloitte Sustainability & Climate – Deloitte Germany
  • Steven Lizars, Sustainable Finance Risk Advisory Partner – Deloitte UK

Day 4 | 7-Dec 10:00-11:00 CET: Recovery and Resolution Planning in the context of 2023 events

Recent market events and conditions, including multiple bank failures, have required banks to assess their recovery and resolution preparedness. Banks can anticipate increased regulatory scrutiny and focus across a range of financial risk management and supervisory topics, while resolution and recovery planning is coming into significant focus. Join this webinar to learn about the outlook for 2024, discussing valuations, restructuring, process-management, Master Resolution Playbooks and more.


  • Alastair Morley, Financial Advisory Partner – Deloitte UK
  • Steven Van Honacker, Risk Advisory Director – Deloitte Northwest Europe
  • Nai Seng Wong, Risk Advisory Partner – Deloitte Southeast Asia

Day 5 | 8-Dec 10:00-11:00 CET: The impact of Generative AI on banking regulation and risk profile

AI itself is not a new phenomenon but until recently it’s applicability has been limited by the complexity of implementation and performance. As those limitations ebb away but regulation uncertainty remains, organizations are keen to understand how they can adopt the technology and address relevant risk factors. While regulatory frameworks applicable to Generative AI are emerging and quickly evolving, and will eventually address those concerns, some organizations are hesitant to move beyond ad hoc AI experiments.
During this webinar we will discuss how Generative AI is impacting banking regulation and risk profile.


  • Koen Dessens, Financial Risk Leader – Deloitte Netherlands

The event is not intended for advisors and employees of companies engaged in advisory services. Deloitte reserves the right to create the list of participants.