Google Language Processing: NLP moves to cloud (akce již proběhla)

location Online 1. 6. 2023, 14:00

The volume of unstructured data in enterprises is increasing exponentially; this includes everything from ESG reports to emails, chat, logs, and other text- or voice-based data that's difficult to process and gain insights from. As the field of Large Language Models and NLP evolve to take on ever more complex tasks, we see the power and necessity of leveraging text analytics to break down, digest, and make use of the myriad sources of value that lies within enterprise unstructured data. In this webinar, we’ll try to answer these (and hopefully a couple more) questions with Deloitte’s vision of the path from science NLP to full-scale cloud deployment.

This is where Deloitte and Google Cloud join efforts. Deloitte has built a market-leading team of AI experts and gathered extensive experience bringing those capabilities to the businesses, while Google Cloud offers unprecedented cloud capabilities in terms of both raw computational power as well as state-of-the-art algorithms made available through a comprehensive range of APIs and services.

During the webinar, we want to focus on three main areas:

  • Current state of NLP and generative AI.
  • GCP AI offering – how Google brings cutting-edge tech to businesses.
  • Bringing it all together – live demo of an AI assistant.


Brandon Eychaner – Deloitte – NLP Specialist Lead
Brandon is a linguist and natural language processing expert from the US, based in Prague. He works primarily with text analytics, developing solutions for corporate risk sensing, information extraction, and knowledge management. Recently, he has been building applications using generative large language models.

Filip Měkota – Deloitte – Cloud ML expert
Filip has more than 5 years of experience with intelligent automation and cloud MLops with the main focus on technologies interacting with human-generated content, such as IDP/OCR, Process/Task mining solutions. As a technology lead, he participated in the development of Deloitte’s IRENA platform that helped tens of thousands of refugees in the CE region.

David Schopf – Deloitte – Cognitive AI expert
David is an experienced senior consultant with more than 4 years of experience across various industries both in the Czech Republic and abroad (Belgium, Denmark). His main focus is human-computer interaction and solution design for virtual call centers and intelligent automation such as voicebots and chatbots.

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