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IMMIGRATION SYMPOSIUM: Temporary protection regime for Ukrainian nationals in Central Europe (akce již proběhla)

location Online 14. 10. 2022, 10:00

Current practice, challenges, and future outlook

More than 6 months have passed since the start of the crisis in Ukraine. During these months, European countries have provided asylum to thousands of Ukrainians who had to leave their homes.

A temporary protection regime was activated to ensure the legal stay of Ukrainian citizens in the EU countries, establishing the rules of displaced persons residing in the EU. Each country has implemented this regime with local specifics, and the initial rules were amended over time to adapt to the changing circumstances in numerous countries.

Join our online panel discussion, where we will talk about the existing practice of temporary protection rules, the challenges and regulations in the countries of Central Europe - Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Romania.

In addition to immigration issues, we will also talk about individuals’ tax obligations and social insurance, including possible consequences and obligations for individuals in their country of current residence and in Ukraine.


Our event will be held in a live-discussion format. Together with our immigration and tax experts from different countries, we will talk about:

  • The legal background and general rules of the temporary protection provision - general EU regulations and local specifics, including access to the labour market, healthcare and social benefits
  • The latest legislative changes, in-force rules and regulations
  • Further expected development of the temporary protection regime - possible changes of the law, possibility to move to a regular immigration regime, etc.
  • Personal income tax and social security aspects – possible consequences and obligations for Ukrainians staying in European countries based on the temporary protection visas

Speakers from Deloitte Central Europe:

Eva Drhlíková and Anastasia Verkhorubova
Czech Republic

Marcin Grzesiak 

Maria-Monica Tariuc and Mihaela-Roxana Vechiu

Tibor Solyom

Jozef Stieranka and Robert Minachin

Svitlana Tutovska 


Kateryna Denysova
Ukraine, Czech Republic

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The event is not intended for advisors and employees of companies engaged in advisory services. Deloitte reserves the right to create the list of participants.